Hugo Keijzer is a self-made director, who learned the craft in the field. In 2003 he started as cameraman and editor at MTV and soon he directed music videos for (inter)national artists. This work evolved into more commercial work and since then he has directed several films for global brands like FrieslandCampina, ING, Converse and Footlocker.

Hugo's work can be recognized by it's intimate and somewhat melancholic, visual style, with a strong narrative at it's heart. He doesn't fear addressing life's most difficult issues in his work.

Hugo believes that the best stories are the ones that actually make you feel something. It’s the ability to twist the emotions of an audience, to conjure empathy for imaginary people. This is what sets Hugo apart as a director. In everything he does, whether it’s fiction or commercial, he strives to make the viewer care.

The Story of Milk

Dutch dairy cooperative FrieslandCampina felt that there was a need for its employees to be reminded about the magic of their core product: milk. Therefore, they commissioned 1Camera and Hugo Keijzer to make a mood film that would touch the people at FrieslandCampina and was totally committed to conveying only simple and pure message: “milk is mother nature’s miracle.” The film went on to become such a success that FrieslandCampina’s CEO decided to make a TV commercial out of it as well.

Concept: Jasper Claus & Hugo Keijzer
Producer: Jasper Claus (1Camera)
Director: Hugo Keijzer
Cinematographer: Robbie van Brussel
Editor: JP de Pont
Music: Herman Witkam